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Weighing Technology 2 (ENC-WEI15H)


Dynamic Weighing in Checkweighers and Weighfeeders

Do you work with weighers for fast weighing with high throughput numbers? Do terms like "checkweighers" and "batching scales" sound like foreign words to you? In this seminar you will acquire the know-how needed to optimize the design and settings of your dynamic weigher.

This seminar will give you an understanding of time-critical dynamic weighing processes and is ideally suited for developers and users of checkweighers and batching scales. Equipped with this knowledge, you will be able to design your checkweighers faster, more reliably and more accurately.

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Topics included

  • Measuring time and measurement uncertainty for checkweighers
  • Natural frequencies and their effect on the measuring time
  • Measures for shortening the measuring time and optimizing the throughput of your weigher:
  • Selecting the right components
  • Best possible use of electronic filters
  • Parameterization of checkweighers and batching scales with the HBM PanelX weighing technology software

Target Group

Designers and users of checkweighers and batching scales.


Basic principles of weighing technology are helpful.

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TitleWeighing Technology 2 (ENC-WEI15H)
Available DatesUpon request

Duration9:00 am - 5:00 pm

LocationHottinger Brüel & Kjaer GmbH
Im Tiefen See 45
64293 Darmstadt, DE

FormatPersonal training in a classroom
Price706 EUR

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